Palmetto utilizes our knowledge of state and federal environmental regulations to help owners and operators of USTs maintain compliance with release detection and prevention requirements. In the event a UST system has a release, Palmetto can conduct the initial emergency response, including regulatory notifications, assess the release as well as design and install soil and groundwater remediation systems. We take the time to meet with the owner/operator of the leaking UST system to help them understand the regulatory process and associated timeframes. Palmetto has completed environmental investigations at hundreds of UST sites for scores of clients and we pride ourselves on maintaining relationships and steady contact with our clients.

In states that have petroleum storage tank funds, Palmetto will complete reimbursement applications and maximize recovery of environmental expenses. If you have any questions about or problems with your UST system, contact our experts for help.

"Only with your help were we able to maintain our business and resolve the many
(regulatory) issues that have arisen."

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