Palmetto conducts comprehensive environmental site assessments (Phases I, II, and III) to provide due diligence for real estate decisions by buyers, sellers, developers, and lending institutions. Palmetto Environmental has completed due diligence activities at properties such as dry cleaners, bulk plants, service stations, landfills, oil recycling plants, fuel transfer terminals, shopping centers, undeveloped land, agricultural sites and residential facilities.

Due diligence is defined as conducting “all appropriate inquiry,” and that is how Palmetto approaches every potential due diligence opportunity: Do everything that is necessary, but focus on what the goal is instead of conducting non-essential expensive studies. Palmetto also focuses on being thorough, practical and knows it is important to utilize common sense. For due diligence, we help define our client’s objectives, identify potential risks and how those relate to our client’s risk tolerance. We then evaluate the anticipated land use, and consider the needs of all stakeholders. These factors define the scope of the investigation so our clients know from the beginning of the project where we expect to end up.

Palmetto is an approved environmental consultant with many lending institutions, and we have been specifically retained to conduct due diligence activities in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Louisiana, Illinois, Nevada and California. No matter the location or the scope of the project, Palmetto is capable of conducting due diligence activities that meet our client’s needs and expectations.

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