Palmetto Environmental utilizes a multi-phase dual extraction technology that simultaneously removes vapor, free product and groundwater from sites where releases of hazardous substances have occurred. The greatest benefit of dual phase extraction technology is the ability to simultaneously treat all phases of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) while also addressing the entire impacted (unsaturated and saturated) soil column.

Palmetto owns and operates a dual phase extraction rig to perform emergency response remediation of liquid spills as well as mobile remediation of impacted soil and groundwater at contaminated sites. The dual phase extraction rig utilizes a 10-horsepower blower capable of recovering impacted groundwater or free phase hydrocarbons (FPH) at depths of up to 50 feet below ground surface. The rig can recover up to 600 gallons of liquid per event.

Additionally, the dual phase extraction rig can be utilized to conduct soil vapor extraction pilot tests to determine the appropriate remediation system to install at sites that need a more active remediation approach.

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