Palmetto geologists, scientists, hydrologists and engineers have conducted soil and groundwater investigations at hundreds of sites in over a dozen states. At sites with the potential for environmental impact, Palmetto helps identify chemicals of concern, the areas of impact, chance for migration and threat to human health and the environment. With this information, Palmetto is able to utilize modeling software to provide a conceptual image of the site and contaminant plume.

While excavating and disposing of contaminated media is efficient, it is not always the most cost effective or feasible method of remediation. Palmetto has recently utilized an injectant named BOS 200 at petroleum hydrocarbon impacted sites that have been active remediation sites for over a decade. Throughout the first year of follow-up groundwater monitoring, the contaminant levels have been reduced by over 90%.

Some of the other remedial methodologies Palmetto utilizes are:

  • Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction (AS/SVE)
  • Dual Phase Extraction
  • Surfactant Injection
  • Oxygen Diffusion
  • Microbial Enhancement
  • Risk Based Modeling

If your site has been impacted by chlorinated or petroleum hydrocarbons and it seems as though it is taking far too long to attain a regulatory closure letter, contact Palmetto and we will review the status of your site and determine if a new remediation approach can be utilized to reduce your costs and expedite attaining regulatory closure.

"Only with your help were we able to maintain our business and resolve the many
(regulatory) issues that have arisen."

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