Palmetto is licensed to conduct petroleum product line and leak detector operations tests. Palmetto utilizes a Petro-Tite Line Testing System, capable of detecting leaks in your underground piping to 0.05 gallons per hour, at your bulk or service station facility. These tests are required to be conducted annually at facilities that do not utilize automatic tank gauging (ATG) systems to test
for leaks.

Leak detectors are utilized to shut down the flow of fuel in the event of a release in excess of 3.0 gallons per hour is detected. Annual testing of mechanical leak detectors on pressurized product line systems is required to be conducted to ensure they are functioning correctly. Palmetto can test mechanical leak detectors as well as track this annual due date in our Petroleum Management System. Palmetto will notify you prior to the due date for the next annual test; this allows you to focus on running your business instead of tracking testing dates.

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