Part of the 2005 Federal Energy Policy Act required all states to implement a training schedule for underground storage tank operators. The training includes the different types of release detection, release prevention and release reporting requirements as well the upgrade requirements for underground storage tank systems that were installed prior to December 22, 1998.

Palmetto is an approved Class A/B Operator Trainer in Colorado and has trained over 250 owners and operators. Palmetto also functions as the Class A/B operator at numerous facilities in Colorado and conducts all monthly and annual inspections for those facilities. We compile and submit all records to the CDLE, OPS for the facilities we conduct monthly inspections. If you are having difficulty understanding the release detection and prevention requirements for your facility, even though you are a certified Class A/B Operator, contact us and we will meet you at your facility and help you.

We have the expertise to help any owner/operator to interpret, understand and comply with all regulatory compliance issues. Palmetto helps owner/operators daily with attaining the required records and discussing their particular issue with the CDLE, OPS and helping reduce any potentially imposed fines.

"Only with your help were we able to maintain our business and resolve the many
(regulatory) issues that have arisen."

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